The UKAAM is the professional learned institute for mathematicians. We support the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications to promote and enhance mathematical practice for the benefit of society. With a growing membership of over 3000 members worldwide, we unite and support mathematicians from a diverse range of professions, as well as those with a passion for and interest in mathematics. No matter where your interest in mathematics has taken you or will take you in the future, we recognise and support all its applied uses. We have membership grades to suit all individuals, tailored to your qualifications and experience; each with a wide range of benefits, supporting you through every stage of your career.

  • Why Join the UKAAM?
  • Expand your Knowledge. Strengthen your skills. Stay connected.

    Membership with the UKAAM will…

    • Connect you with world-class industry professionals and a widespread community of mathematicians from a diverse range of sectors.

    • Professional Developmen UKAAM may offer opportunities related to your area of expertise that will help you continue to learn and grow in the industry.

    • Networking Joining UKAAM allows you to connect with peers, professionals and experts in your field and expand your network.

    • Knowledge Sharing: As a member, you may be given the opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars and training events to share and gain knowledge with others about

    • industry trends and best practices.

    • Business opportunities UKAAM members may be exposed to business opportunities within the industry such as partnerships, project collaborations etc.

    • Reputation Enhancement By participating in UKAAM events, you may enhance your reputation and influence within the sector.

    • Industry Insight UKAAM may publish regular industry reports, trend analyses, etc., which will help you understand the industry dynamics and trends.

    • Support and resources Joining UKAAM may give you access to support and resources within the industry, which may include research materials, tools, guidance etc.

    • Involvement in initiativesUKAAM may be actively involved in industry initiatives, policy development, etc., in which you as a member can participate and contribute to the development of the industry.

    • Of course, the decision to join UKAAM will also need to take into account your personal or business goals, as well as factors such as the cost of membership. Before deciding to join,

    • it's a good idea to think carefully about how you will benefit from membership and make sure it aligns with your goals.

    • Member Testimonials We have a growing membership of over 3000 members, representing all sectors of the global mathematical community.  Meet our members to discover why membership with the UKAAM has been valuable to them.

    Prof. Ahmer Wadee CMath CSci FUKAAM

    Professor of Nonlinear Mechanics and Director of Postgraduate Research at Imperial College London (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering)

    “I joined as a graduate in 2000 when I completed my PhD which was at the boundary of civil/mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. My PhD supervisor was also a fellow at the time and I felt it was a natural society for me to join.

    It gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people and become professionally qualified as a mathematician and a scientist. The IMA also nominated me as one of the top 100 UK practicing scientists, which was successful. I also had the great pleasure in co-editing “50 Visions of Mathematics” (Oxford). Being a recipient of the Catherine Richards Prize led to my appointment to the Mathematics Today editorial board. I am also a vice-chair of the IMA London Branch and serve on the Research Committee.”

    Nathan Turner CMath FUKAAM

    Gas Turbine Performance Engineer at Rolls-Royce plc (Civil Aerospace) UKAAM at a Professional Institute Open Day held when I joined Rolls-Royce plc in September 2013. I decided to join to make further progress in my mathematical accreditation by working towards Chartered Mathematician status. I was also very interested in the talks which the IMA hold through their local branches. My aim was to discover interesting areas of mathematics in careers and research after university and I have certainly done that!

    My main involvement in the UKAAM has been through engagement with the East Midlands Branch Committee, which has provided a series of very engaging talks on a variety of topics. These have all been thoroughly enjoyable and I’ve had a great time meeting the other branch members. Mathematics Today has also provided an interesting read each month and allowed me to discover even more branches of mathematical research, and some wider issues faced by mathematicians which I would otherwise not have understood. Finally, the support provided by the UKAAM for achieving Chartered Mathematician status is very well structured, and I feel well-prepared for when I submit an application for the accreditation.”

    Charles Evans CMath FUKAAM

    Retired from university but now mainly a volunteer with the UKAAM. Honorary Secretary (Membership)

    “The UKAAM enables mathematicians and indeed all those who support mathematics, to join together and become an effective voice. This is a continual battle, which we are slowly winning, but it has to be fought with great determination because other subjects complete for funding and recognition, so sometimes try to dismiss the importance of our contribution.

    The UKAAM has given me an opportunity to support mathematics in the way that I feel it should be supported and enabled me to interact with others of a similar mind.”

    Catherine Hobbs FUKAAM

    Head of Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics at the University of the West of England

    “I joined the UKAAM to gain professional recognition and to support the organization in its role in the mathematical community.

    The UKAAM is one way of being connected to the professional mathematical community, spanning academia and industry. It provides the individual mathematician with a way of being connected with the broad community rather than just one’s own subject area.”

    Sophie Carr MUKAAM

    Principal Analyst/Managing Director, Bays Consulting

    “I joined the UKAAM to gain chartered mathematician status.

    It has provided a route to gain and maintain professional competency/accreditation and the opportunity to keep up to date with latest trends (Maths Today) and networking opportunities.”

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    Benefits of Membership

    The Value of Membership and Corporate Affiliation.

  • Membership Grades
  • Our Membership grades are inclusive to suit every level of mathematical interest, from current students to professional and experienced mathematicians. See below to explore what each membership grade can offer you.

    General Membership

    Affiliate Member

    With no formal requirements, this level of membership is open to anyone with a passion for and interest in mathematics.

    Student Member

    For all students who are pursuing a course of study leading to a mathematical qualification or degree which includes sufficient mathematical content.

    Associate Member (AMUKAAM)

    The Associate Member grade is best suited for those who have a degree which includes sufficient mathematical content. This grade is elected on academic qualifications only.

    Advanced Membership

    Member (MUKAAM)

    Members are established career mathematicians with a minimum period of three years’ training or experience after graduation and a position of responsibility involving the application of mathematical knowledge or training in mathematics.

    Fellow (FUKAAM)

    For those with a senior professional standing based on demonstratable achievement and competence in developing or the application of mathematics.

  • How to Join the UKAAM
  • The UKAAM welcomes anyone who has an interest in mathematics and in our activities.

    To apply for Membership of the Institute applicants must supply all information as requested on the application form, either hard-copy or via myUKAAM.

    The UKAAM is required under its Royal Charter to validate applications and ensure that entry requirements are met. Administrative procedures are simplified for many applicants by the Institute recognising various schemes of postgraduate training and experience, and identifying certain standard appointments that meet the requirements for individual grades. The Institute will evaluate all applications and may seek confirmation or clarification from referees but those where standard components are not applicable may take longer to process.


    To apply for UKAAM membership grade first visit Membership Grades to determine which grade you wish to apply for and then apply via myUKAAM.

    If you are unable to apply via myUKAAM you can request a printable application form.  Visit the appropriate membership grade page Affiliate, Student, Associate Member, Member or Fellow to submit a request.

  • Membership Rates
  • 2023 Annual Rates

    GradeAnnual rate
    Student Member£10(90RMB)
    Affiliate Member£63(580RMB)
    Associate Member£61(560RMB)

    For any queries on membership rates contact  

    First Year Rates

    You can join the UKAAM at any time. The initial subscription price is a percentage payment based on the time of year when you register. Subsequent years are renewed annually in January when you are charged the annual rate for that year.

    Example of rate for 2023 Associate Member joining mid-year

    Applicants Joining as Member or Fellow

    Please note, a non-refundable entrance fee is applicable for new applicants wishing to join the Member and Fellow grades.

    GradeEntrance fee

    Payment methods

    Payment can be made via Bank transfer, Direct Debit, Credit/Debit Card or Cheque.

    Relevant Pages

    Discounted Membership: Join before you Graduate

    If you join as a Student Member before you graduate then you could benefit from up to three years of Associate Membership of the UKAAM at the discounted rate of £10.00 per year.

    Discounted Membership: Reciprocal arrangements with other bodies

    The UKAAM maintains reciprocal membership agreements with the EMS, Euromech and SUKAAM meaning our members can benefit from reduced membership rates to these societies.

  • Advanced Data Science Professional
  • The Alliance for Data Science Professionals comprises of The Royal Statistical Society; BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT; the Operational Research Society; the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications; the Alan Turing Institute and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. Together we are defining the standards needed to ensure an ethical and well-governed approach so the public, organisations and governments can have confidence in how their data is used.

    About the certification

    While the skills of data scientists are increasingly in demand, there is currently no professional framework for those working in the field. These new industry-wide standards, which will be finalised by the Autumn, look to address current issues, such as data breaches, the misuse of data in modelling and bias in artificial intelligence. They can give people confidence that their data is being used ethically, stored safely and analysed robustly. Since convening, the Alliance has worked with volunteers and stakeholders to develop draft standards for individuals, standards for universities seeking accreditation of their courses and a certification process that will enable both individuals and education providers to gain recognition based on skills and knowledge within data science.

    The Advanced Data Science Professional Standard Criteria

    Advanced Data Science Professionals should be established professional Data Scientists with typically a minimum of 5 years’ relevant work experience that demonstrates their commitment to professional standards and development. 

    Applicants applying via the UKAAM must already be Advanced Members of the UKAAM – Member (MUKAAM) or Fellow (FUKAAM).


    Applicants should be educated to at least Level 6 within the UK qualification framework, in an appropriate subject and evidence should be provided of some formal training within data science, either as part of their degree or achieved by other routes.

    Experience and Professional Standing

    Applicants will need to typically have a minimum of 5 years’ relevant work experience that requires the application of their data scientist training and knowledge. This must include employment at an appropriate level of professional standing during their 5 years’ of relevant work experience.

    Continuing Professional Development

    Applicants need to demonstrate that they are actively engaged in their Continued Professional Development (CPD). All applications should include at least 2 years’ completed relevant CPD returns.

    Fees and How to Apply

    UKAAM AdvDSP Entrance Fee £50.00
    UKAAM AdvDSP Annual Fee £50.00

    Applicants must supply all information requested, on the application form which can be downloaded from here. This agreement constitutes a contract to abide by the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct. A properly completed application will not be processed until the appropriate fees are received.

    All applicants must include:

    1. all evidence they wish to be considered as part of their application directly in the application form – information in webpages, publications or similar will not be considered by the Assessors;

    2. reference to their practical application – at either the Deep or General Level, where appropriate – of skills for each of the Skill Areas A,B,C,D,E.

    Applicants for the designation should nominate a supporter who will be invited to submit a comprehensive reference. This reference is crucial in the consideration of the application. A nominated supporter should not be a family member.

    The supporter must be someone who has detailed knowledge and understanding of the applicant’s work and who can comment on the extent that the requirements for education, training and experience, and the professional standing of the applicant’s recent employment, have been met.

    The supporter should be more senior than the applicant, or of equal seniority but working for a different department or organisation. Ideally, they should be a senior member of a relevant professional body. The supporter should, in general, be from the applicant’s current employment.

    Applications are considered by a Panel of Assessors. Applications usually take two to three months to process from receipt at Catherine Richards House.

  • Membership FAQ
  • We have membership grades to suit all, tailored to your qualifications and experience which include a wide range of benefits. Anyone can join the UKAAM, if you have an interest in mathematics. Please visit  Membership Grades to discover which membership grade is the one for you. If you’re unsure what membership grade is right for you, try our Membership Wizard.

    What are the benefits of joining the UKAAM?

    Joining the UKAAM allows you to play your part in the future of mathematics. For more information on all the benefits you will receive as a member please visit Why Join the UKAAM?

    What Membership Grades do you offer?

    We offer five levels of membership to encompass every level of mathematical achievement or interest. Each offers a wide range of benefits, supporting you through every stage of your career.

    • Student Member

    • Affiliate Member

    • Associate Member (AMUKAAM)

    • Member (MUKAAM)

    • Fellow (FUKAAM)

    For further information on membership grades, including what each grade can offer you please visit Membership Grades. If you’re unsure what membership grade is right for you, try our Membership Wizard.

    I’m not actively working as a mathematician, can I still become a member?

    Yes. Anyone with an interest in or connection to mathematics can join. Our Affiliate Membership has no formal requirements. If you have a mathematical qualification or degree, but chose a related profession, such as an Engineer, Analyst or Accountant, you are still a mathematician and will likely qualify for one of our membership grades. We support and champion mathematics and its applications. Please visit Membership Grades to discover the different levels of membership.

    I used to work as a mathematician but have now retired/changed career can I still join?

    Yes. If you have met the criteria at any point in your career, providing you can supply the relevant information for your application, you can apply for the Advanced Member grades.

    I used to be a member, how do I rejoin?

    If you used to be an UKAAM member and wish to rejoin us, we would love to welcome you back. To apply online please visit Thinking of rejoining the UKAAM?

    If I am retired, is there a reduced membership rate?

    A reduced rate is available on request for retired members who have reached the age of 60, have been members for at least 10 years and are fully retired. To request this rate please contact the Membership Department.

    How do I transfer to a higher grade?

    You can transfer to a higher membership grade at any time to take advantage of the benefits available to you. To submit a request online please visit How to transfer Membership Grade.