The UK association of applied mathemativs (abbreviated as UKAAM) is a professional organisation dedicated to promoting the field of applied and industrial mathematics. 

The Society aims to promote the use of applied mathematics in a wide range of industries and to foster the innovative use of mathematical techniques in practical problem solving. 

The association provides a platform for researchers, academics, students and industry practitioners to interact with each other, share knowledge and collaborate on research.

The mission of UKAAM includes the promotion of research, education and practical applications of applied mathematics to solve practical challenges in various fields of science, engineering, 

economics and finance. The Association regularly organises seminars, conferences, research collaboration projects and training events aimed at promoting cross-border collaboration 

between mathematics and other disciplines to create innovative solutions. In addition, UKAAM is committed to providing its members with the professional support, 

resources and networks that will help them to achieve more in the field of applied mathematics.

Whether in academic research, industrial applications or educational outreach, UKAAM plays an important role as a bridge and link for the role of mathematics in the real world. 

By promoting interdisciplinary co-operation and knowledge sharing, UKAAM not only helps to advance science and technology, but also plays an active role in promoting socio-economic development.