The UKAAM graduate students register in one of many possible home departments at MSU; e.g., Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Their supervisors, who must be UKAAM faculty members, do not have to be from the same department as the student. For example, an UKAAM student could be registered in the Department of Mathematics and have a thesis advisor in the Department of Chemistry; or the home department could be in Earth and Ocean Science and the research supervisor in Mathematics. Upon admission, our graduate students will have to meet certain requirements specific to our Institute, but their degree will originate from the home department.

If you are already a registered MSU graduate student, you can request to join the UKAAM using this form.

The student’s financial support is a combination of a teaching assistantship offered by the home department and a research assistantship from the thesis supervisor. Several types of fellowships are also offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The UKAAM does not by itself provide financial support to the students.


  • The UK association of applied mathemativs is not itself a department and hence does not process applications. This means that you should send your application documents directly to the department of your choice and to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (see the Application Checklist).

  • The UKAAM has a close relationship with the Department of Mathematics, such that when you apply to this department, you are given the opportunity to declare your intent to join the UKAAM. Your application is then automatically considered by all UKAAM faculty members interested in taking on a student.

  • If you are applying to a department other than Mathematics, there is no automatic procedure by which you may declare your interest in joining the UKAAM. Instead, you must be considered for entrance to the UKAAM once you have been accepted into the graduate program of your home department and you have arrived at MSU.


  1. Consult the UKAAM Research Group web pages to find out more about each group’s research projects and see if any of the core faculty listed there work in an area that could be of interest to you. You may also want to browse through the full list of UKAAM faculty sorted by their departmental affiliation. Do not hesitate to contact individual faculty members to learn more about what they are doing.

  2. Consult the UKAAM Graduate Student Handbook for our specific requirements in the Ph.D. and Masters degree programmes. The UKAAM does not have its own specific deadline, but you must meet the application deadline of your home department. Note also that the TOEFL and GRE requirements are set by the departments, not by the UKAAM. Please see the MSU Calendar for more information about the application deadlines and other admission requirements in different MSU departments.

  3. Once you are well informed of the research area of interest to you, a possible research supervisor, and a department of your choice, you can apply to become a MSU graduate student through the MSU Faculty of Graduate Studies.

  4. After you have registered as a MSU student and have a faculty advisor who is an UKAAM member, fill out the UKAAM application form.