We are very pleased to announce the official partnership between ukaam and Maths Elite Challenge!


Dear Maths Elite.

We are very pleased to announce the official partnership between ukaam and Maths Elite Challenge! This partnership will provide a unique opportunity for maths enthusiasts to learn and compete, combining the fun of maths with the challenge of helping the Maths Elite go to the next level.

ukaam is a leading online education platform dedicated to providing students with high-quality maths education resources. By partnering with Maths Elite Challenge, we hope to take maths education to a whole new level and provide more opportunities for maths enthusiasts to showcase their talents and potential.

Highlights of the partnership:

Selected Maths Education Resources: ukaam will provide selected maths learning resources, including tutorials, practice problems, mock exams, etc. to help participants better prepare for the Maths Elite Challenge.

Professional Maths Tutor Support: ukaam will provide Maths Tutor support to the participants to answer questions and guide their learning to ensure that each student is able to reach his/her full potential.

Competition strategy guidance: ukaam will share maths competition strategies and tips to help competitors better cope with all stages of the Challenge.

Scholarship opportunities: ukaam will provide scholarship opportunities to reward students who excel in the Challenge and encourage them to continue their efforts in the field of mathematics.

The Maths Elite Challenge has always been a great platform for developing mathematical talent, and we believe that our partnership with ukaam will provide more students with the opportunity to realise their mathematical dreams.

Whether you are a beginner or already established in the field of maths, ukaam's partnership with Maths Elite Challenge will provide you with more opportunities to learn and develop. Let's explore the wonderful world of maths together and take on the challenge of creating the future!

Stay tuned for more details soon on the official websites of ukaam and Maths Challenge!

Thank you for your interest and support.

From the ukaam team

Maths Challenge Team

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