Notice of Long-term Co-operation Events with Chinese Universities and Research Institutes

Dear Partners.

We are pleased to announce that The UK association of applied mathemativs (UKAAM), together with the Sichuan Knowledgeable Intelligent Sciences and the Tianfu Cup Organising Committee, will be co-organising a long-term collaboration on mathematics-related events, with the aim of fostering academic exchanges and collaborations in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling and Artificial Intelligence.

The co-organised tournaments will provide a rare opportunity for researchers, scholars, practitioners and those interested in applied mathematics and AI in various fields to discuss the latest trends, innovative applications and future developments in the field. Through academic lectures, sub-forums and panel discussions, we will gather a range of renowned experts to share their research results and experiences in the relevant fields, and discuss the challenges and opportunities for communication.

The UK association of applied mathemativs will support the planning of academic content, invitation of lectures and organisation of academic forums. Sichuan Knowledgeable Intelligent Sciences will provide the venue, equipment and technical support for the event.

We warmly invite you to participate in this event and share your expertise and insights in the field of Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Your participation will add precious value to the event, promote academic exchange and cooperation, and jointly advance the pace of science and technology innovation.

Please pass this notice to the responsible staff and related teams, and kindly reply to the following contact person with your interest:

Contact Person: Research Fellow Zhao


With your support, we look forward to the success of this collaborative tournament to add to the development of the field of Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

On behalf of the British Association for Applied Mathematics and Sichuan Boshin Zhiqi Technology Research Institute, we would like to invite you to participate!


The UK association of applied mathemativs

Sichuan Knowledgeable Intelligent Sciences