UKAAM 2024 Tianfu Cup National Students Mathematical Modelling Competition Notice

Sichuan Boshin Zhiqi Technology Research Institute Documents

Sichuan Boshin Institute of Intelligent Mathematics and Technology [2023] No. 13

Sichuan Boshin Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Technology on the 2024 Tianfu Cup National Students Mathematical Modelling Competition Notice

All relevant higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, research institutes, enterprises and institutions:

In order to adapt to the development trend in the era of big data, promote the promotion and deepening of mathematical modelling in colleges and universities, expand academic exchanges and interactions between teachers and students, and promote the conversion of results and teacher training, Sichuan Boshin Institute of Intelligent Mathematics and Technology, together with a number of domestic and foreign colleges and universities, has formed the Organizing Committee of the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Contest 2024, and is pleased to announce that it is going to hold the Contest, and we would like to send the following notice to the leaders, teachers, and the majority of students. We would like to send the following notice to all the school leaders, teachers and students:

Introduction of the organiser (provincial level): Sichuan Boshin Zhiqi Institute of Mathematical Technology is a provincial-level scientific and technological research institute located in Sichuan Province, China, which works closely with government agencies, universities and enterprises to promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. It provides technical consultancy, training and project cooperation to help enterprises achieve digital transformation and innovative development. Support innovation and entrepreneurship of researchers and students, and promote the incubation and commercialisation of scientific and technological achievements.

Academic Steering Unit (international level): The UK Association of Applied Mathemativs, which provides professional guidance and support for the competition, and UKAAM actively collaborates with international organisations on research projects, conferences and knowledge exchange programmes. Partnerships are fostered to enhance global collaboration in applied mathematics and to promote UK expertise in the field.

I. Specifics of Participation

(I) Targets of Entry

All relevant institutions of higher learning, research institutes and other full-time students (level is not limited), other hobbies, interests, professionals can register to participate in the competition, regardless of major, age. The captain of the team will be able to register, enrol and pay the fee on the official website of Sai Krypton, and then invite the team members to enter the team.

(ii) Team formation

The competition is not divided into groups, the team consists of 1-3 students; a team of 120 yuan registration fee. Each team member enters the Tianfu Cup National University Students Mathematical Modelling Competition group (Q1 group: 1018976472, Q2 group: 218111859) to find teammates. Participate in the competition in the form of a team, each team has no more than 3 people, and each team instructor has no more than 1 person (as long as the teammates are well chosen, there is no worry about winning the prize).

(iii) Instructor

The works are completed independently by the students of the participating teams, and 0-1 instructor can be invited for academic guidance.

(D) Ownership of works

  The ownership of the works belongs to the participating team. In order to encourage everyone to study the excellent thesis for continuous improvement, the organising committee of the competition and related units have the right to display and publish the works.

(V) Academic Integrity

  Plagiarism is prohibited, as well as the use of published patents, works or theses (or their modification). The organising committee reserves the right to revoke the award if academic misconduct is found at any stage of the competition or after the competition.

(VI) Requirements for anonymous judging

  In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, starting from this competition, the name of the school (including the name of the secondary institution to which it belongs), the name of the student, the name of the instructor, the funding organisation, etc. shall not appear in the wrapper and body of all the submitted works, and the relevant works will be withdrawn from the competition after such problems are found in the submitted documents. The registration system is real-name registration, and the system will automatically number each work, for example, TFB001SXJM, whose team number is 001SXJM. Submitted papers are named as: 001SXJM+word version; 001SXJM+PDF version.

II. Scoring criteria for the papers (awards will be assessed according to the points of the participating papers, totalling 100 points)

(i) Abstract: 30 points

(ii) Correctness of algorithm/model: 20 points

(iii) Innovativeness: 20 points

(iv) Writing ability: 10 points

(v) Potential for further research: 10 points

(vi) Typography: 10 points

III. Programme and Certificate Download

Competition registration time: from now until 12:00 (Thursday), 28 March 2024 Beijing time    

Competition start time: 18:00 Beijing time on 28 March 2024 (Thursday)

Competition end time: 22:00 BST on 31 March 2024 (Sunday)

Deadline for submission of word and PDF versions of the paper (required) and zip file of supporting materials (can be without): 22:00 BST on 31 March 2024 (Sunday)

Deadline for submission of commitment letter: no need to submit a commitment letter, submission of word and PDF versions of the paper and deemed to agree, no need to submit an additional commitment letter.

Publication of the results of the first draft of the competition: 10 April 2023

Certificate Issuance Date: 15  April 2024

Certificate download date: 25 April 2024

Certificate download link: The UK Association Of Applied Mathemativs ( Input the name can be directly queried, multiple cumulative awards, you can check all the results of the competition and certificate download.


Submission and Notes

The registration system is real-name registration, the system will be automatically numbered for each work, for example, TFB001SXJM, its team number is 001SXJM. please according to their own registration information can be viewed in their own registration number for naming. All participating teams should submit their papers on the official website of Sai Krypton, novice white people can refer to the format of the paper template of Tianfu Cup to complete and submit the Chinese version of the paper, the reference template is for reference only and is not a mandatory requirement.

The paper uploaded by each team should provide Word version and PDF version respectively.

The naming rule of the paper is team number + word/pdf version:

The Word version of the submitted paper should be named as: 001SXJM+word version;

The Pdf version of the submitted paper is named as: 001SXJM+pdf version.

(ii) Submission of raw data packages (upload if available, not if not)

Participating teams shall disclose the source of data and submit the data in the form of a single compressed package, which should include the data collected and used, the collection process or data provenance, and the data analysis procedure.

The naming rule of the original data package is team number + supporting materials: 001SXJM + supporting materials.

(iii) No need to submit a commitment

Submitting the paper is regarded as committed and no additional signature is required to upload the file.

(IV) Time Limit for Submission

Each participating team member school has until 22:00 on 31 March 2024 to upload the entry materials through the official website of the competition. In order to avoid network congestion caused by concentrated submission on the deadline for submission of works, please pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of time and preferably submit one hour in advance. In order to cultivate students' ability of time allocation and reasonable planning, the papers submitted after 22:00 will not be evaluated as qualified papers, and will be assessed according to the excellence award.

V. Awards and Prizes

Tianfu Grand Prize: 1 branch, with a prize of RMB 888 yuan

Grand Prize: about 1-4 branches, with a prize of 500 RMB

First prize: about 5%

Second prize: about 15%

Third prize: about 30%

Excellence Award: It will not be announced in the preliminary draft. In order to encourage active participation in the competition and to enhance your academic interest and ability, we have set up a special Excellence Award to recognise participants who have performed well in the competition. The Excellence Award needs to be sent by email to ( for scores and results within 2 days after the announcement of the first draft of the competition. Teams whose Excellence Award students have not sent their email for results will not be updated in the final draft results, and will be defaulted to the non-issuance of uploading the e-certificate on the official website of UKAAM.

Outstanding Volunteer Certificate: School teams with more than three invitations can apply by email.

Outstanding Instructor Award: Instructors of the teams that won the third prize and above have it, and it can be downloaded through name enquiry after the competition without application.

Certificate of Excellent Organisation Unit: School teams with more than 3 teams can apply via email.

VI. Certificate Download Rules

Certificate style:


The winning certificate will be named "Tianfu Cup National University Students Mathematical Modelling Competition" and stamped with "Sichuan Boshin Institute of Mathematical Technology", "The UK Association Of Applied Mathemativs", "The UK Association of Applied Mathemativs" and "The UK Association of Applied Mathemativs". The UK Association Of Applied Mathemativs" and ISTAER Publishing House.

How to download:

The award certificate will be available for download via The UK Association Of Applied Mathemativs


Enter your name to check directly, multiple cumulative awards, you can check all the results and download the certificate, the winning team to download their own through the Amoy X, spell XX, Beijing X to print.

In order to increase efficiency, reduce waste of resources and lower environmental impact, the organising committee has decided to phase out the provision of paper copies of notices, documents and reports. This decision is in line with today's values of pursuing sustainability and environmental protection, and reflects our commitment to digital ways of working.

Here are the benefits of why not using paper copies:

1. Environmental protection and sustainability: The use of paper requires large amounts of wood, water and energy. By reducing the use of paper, we can reduce deforestation and energy consumption, thereby reducing pressure on natural resources.

2. Cost-effective: Printing, distributing and storing paper documents requires considerable expenditure. Digital document management reduces these costs and allows for higher prizes to be awarded to students.

3. Convenience: Digital documents can be easily stored, retrieved and shared wherever you are. This convenience helps improve productivity and communication.

4. Space saving: Paper documents take up office space for storage and filing. Digitised documents do not require additional physical space, providing a more spacious and tidy working environment.

5. Instant access: Digitised documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without having to go through large amounts of paper or wait for documents to be delivered. This facilitates quick decision-making and action.

Please note that this decision does not require you to give up paper documents altogether, but rather encourages greater adoption of digital tools and electronic document management systems. We have communicated with the British Association for Applied Mathematics (BAAM) that all certificates will be available for download from the BAAM website, and the certificate download system is provided in Chinese for your instructions to ensure that you are able to make an easy transition to a digital way of working.

We are confident that this initiative will help drive the organising committee in a more sustainable, efficient and modern direction, whilst providing additional benefits to our staff and the environment. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

VII. Paper Transformation and Publication

Post-competition Research Fund: Excellent mathematical modelling papers can be transformed into SCI, EI source journals, EI conferences, international journals included in KnowledgeNet to obtain high post-competition fund subsidies, after the announcement of the results of the competition, interested parties can contact the Secretariat of the Organising Committee, Ms. Wang, to make transformation inquiries (QQ1158971902).

All participating teams can publish their papers to the open international English academic journal "International Scientific Technical and Economic Research" (ISSN:2959-1309, official website of the journal free of charge with the screenshot of Tianfu Cup registration. ).

VIII. Contest Contact

(I) Group communication and finding teammates

Please enter the "Tianfu Cup National University Students Mathematical Modelling Competition QQ Group", group number: 1018976472. If the group is full, please add 2 groups: 218111859. You need to apply for the group by your real name, real name format: your institution + name.

(II) Information Revision and Grade Review

Send to email ( Team number + team member 1 name xxx to XXX, team number + team member 2 school xxx to XXX; e.g. modification: 001SXJM + team member 1 Zhangsan to Li Si; deletion: 001SXJM + team member 1 Zhangsan to be deleted; school modification: 001SXJM + team member 1 Zhangsan (North North University) to be changed to (South South University)

Team number + application objection content: (Note: generally will not improve the award) For example: 001SXJM + the paper submitted by this team can be comparable to Nature, looking forward to the reviewer to carefully consider again, thank you!

Other Matters

Students who open the ticket, please add the group contact group administrator (Q-1158971902 sponsor to send the information of opening the ticket: screenshot of registration information + school + social code (if you do not know, you can ask the instructor)), the deadline for opening the ticket: 31 March 2024.

We welcome all teachers and students to register and participate in the competition to discuss the charm of mathematical modelling and create the excitement of the competition! Thank you for your attention and support.

Attachment 1: Reference paper template for the fourth session of 2024 (for novice reference only, not as a mandatory requirement)

Attachment 2: ISTAER journal template (no page charges for participants, post-competition submissions must follow this template)

Attachment 3: The Third Outstanding Papers

Sichuan Boshin Institute of Mathematical Modelling

Tianfu Cup National University Students Mathematical Modelling Competition Organizing Committee

16th December 2023